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  • Strategy meets execution

    With ConectoHub you can manage your work and connect business outcomes with your company goals from one platform

  • Fits different workflows

    Unlike other tools, every team of your company customize ConectoHub with their needs.

Table 03

Features ConectoHub Asana Jira Trello Monday Clickup Weekdone Koan GtmHub
Simple&Clean UI
To-do Management
Agile Team Management
Recurring Tasks
Unlimited File Storage
Creating Task by Email
Advanced Filters
Multiple Assignees
Team Assignees
Gantt View
Project Portfolios
Project Workload Reports
Project KPI Reports
Guest Users
Dashboard Widgets
OKR System
OKR Integrated Work Management
Company-Team-User Hieararchy
Weighted Objectives and Key Results
Key Result Linked Items
Multiple Team&User Objectives
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