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OKR Integrated Agile Work Management Platform

Bridge the gap between strategy and execution

Manage your work and connect business outcomes with company goals. With ConectoHub focus what matters!

Simple yet powerful

OKR sytem integrated with work management

Manage Teams’ Strategy and Performance

Put Objectives describe where your company’s direction.

Link your goals with daily task and projects. See the progress instantly.

Workflow Management

Manage Your Projects & Daily Tasks

Follow your projects, assign tasks to your team members, set deadlines and priorities. Be aligned wit your colleagues.

With automated features and instant reports reduce repetitive work.

With notifications see every step of your work anywhere, anytime.

Instant Reports

See the Big Picture Anytime, Anywhere

With automated reports and insights find your bottlenecks as well as efficient stages; hence create more productive enviroment.

conectohub mobıle

Reach Data Lightning Fast From Any Device

Manage your work, assign and organize tasks whether you are in office or not.

Level up your productivity

Get started today and improve your workflow.

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