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Performance Management

ConectoHub gives you all the tools you need to ensure that employees and departments across the organisation are working effectively towards achieving the business’ strategic goals.Create performance period for your organization. Give different weight to your goals. Finally access the performance of all the hierarchies in the organisation on the basis of work output instantly.

360 Degree Feedback System

360 Degree Feedback System provides each employee the opportunity to give and receive feedback. With continuous feedback improve engagement and motivation of the team.

Automated OKRs and KPIs

With automated OKRs and KPIs you can entegrate your goals with business metrics like sales, profit, etc. from +5000 platforms like Hubspot, Google Analytics, Excel etc. and see the progress automatically. Also you can link up daily tasks and projects to ensure that all teams are working collaboratively on goals that really matter.

KPI System

With ConectoHub, you can easily set objectives for your key performance indicators and monitor their progress over time. Your KPIs are evaluated based on their performance, giving you the ability to quickly pinpoint areas that need improvement and take the necessary steps to enhance them.

AI Based OKR System

With OKR System supported by AI, set your objectives and get best Key Results. Weighted Objectives & Key Results helps organizations to define importance for every objective and key result. By weighted objectives & key results y ou can analyze different levels of user-team-company hierarchies goal progress.

Customizable Dashboards

ConectoHub provides a variety of ways to personalize your dashboard. Its user-friendly interface allows you to quickly customize the look and feel of your dashboard to create a visually appealing display.Dashboards are made up of numerous widgets that provide a comprehensive view of the metrics and dimensions that are most important to you.

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