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Terms of Service

  • This document states the conditions for use of ConectoHub software, mobile applications and any related software and services.
  • In this document, the service provider and any software and services provided by the provider are named as ConectoHub.
  • Any use of any software or services related to ConectoHub infers acceptance of the contract provisions.
  • On ConectoHub, users can create user and organization accounts. Users must provide accurate information while creating these accounts. Users assume responsibility for the accounts they create.
  • People who have created a user account can create organization accounts on behalf of the companies they represent. The information and content that all users associated with organization accounts have created, provided, or uploaded using the software for or on these corporate accounts through ConectoHub belong to the respective company. In addition, the information created, provided and uploaded by the user belongs to the user herself/ himself. The information of the user or company may be kept in the system even if deletion or termination of accounts is desired by the user or the company of the user. This can be analyzed to improve service quality and provide additional services.
  • ConectoHub can collect and analyze information about user behavior to improve service quality and provide new services and solutions. ConectoHub warrants that any information that may reveal user identity or personal information will not be shared with third parties.
  • User profile picture, first and last name, or other user information may be seen by other users or non-users. ConectoHub determines which information can be seen by others.
  • The usage may be terminated if the usage fee is not paid, the conditions of use are not met or if deemed necessary.
  • ConectoHub services may not be offered to users and organizations that may not pay the usage fees at the end of the usage period or existing ConectoHub services may be terminated for them..
  • Users should not share their passwords with others. If the user discovers that someone else has unauthorized access to his / her account, s/he must notify ConectoHub within 24 hours. Otherwise, all responsibility lies with the user.
  • Users should not attempt to access and use other users’ accounts without permission.
  • Users’ accounts may be restricted or denied access by the organization where they work. You should understand such a situation.
  • Companies can terminate their subscription or user accounts within their organization accounts at any time. Fees emerged before unsubscribing and date of the termination must be paid.
  • ConectoHub collects information about through which website, search engine or other media are used by the users in order to visit our website by using website analytics tools, whether or not a ConectoHub session is started. The information is used for statistical purposes only.
  • In case of a service procurement is more than 30 days at a time, the user undertakes to use the service until the end of the related period. Even if the subscription or user accounts are terminated before the promised usage period is completed, the usage fee will be received.
  • In order to provide a better service, ConectoHub is free to use any suggestions, comments or feedback without limitation.
  • The software and services may be updated or changed without prior notice.
  • The content of the service provided by ConectoHub cannot be copied. Unauthorized enhancements and/or changes cannot be made for commercial or individual purposes.
  • For no loss, more than the total membership and service fees you pay for ConectoHub, no penalty/ compensation will be paid.
  • ConectoHub cannot be used for illegal purposes.
  • These terms are subject to change without the user’s prior consent.


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