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OKR sytem integrated with work management Manage Teams' Strategy and Performance Put Objectives describe where your company's direction. Link your goals with daily task and projects. See the progress instantly.
Workflow Management Manage Your Projects & Daily Tasks Follow your projects, assign tasks to your team members, set deadlines and priorities. Be aligned wit your colleagues. With automated features and instant reports reduce repetitive work. With notifications see every step of your work anywhere, anytime.
Instant Reports See the Big Picture Anytime, Anywhere With automated reports and insights find your bottlenecks as well as efficient stages; hence create more productive enviroment.

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With the goals we adopted as VMH, we wanted to implement the management system based in today’s realities more effectively. We wanted to implement the OKR approach. While looking for a dynamic solution, our paths crossed with ConectoHub. With the ConectoHub OKR system, we were able to manage both our business and our strategic goals from a single platform. After we started using ConectoHub, it became much easier for us as a company to increase process efficiency and to track and manage our business in cooperation. In organizational departments, we can instantly see the progress and intensity of our projects and work, which we manage with multidisciplinary teams, wecan also automatically follow the progress of our goals. We ensure that our company is a pioneer in the new generation of business practices by implementing a nimbler working management with ConectoHub, especially during the current remote-working period.

Tarkan Tekcan

General Manager, Vestel

Thanks to ConectoHub, we have become very efficient in using the time we allocate for business planning. Capabilities of task assignment and task definition between departments have allowed us to make asynchronous communication with multiple emails a lot nimbler. With capacities such as momentary/up-to-date progress reports and near-due tasks, which has allowed us to make task performance tracking dynamic, we have been able to keep ourselves ready and abreast of any new developments at any given moment.

Banu Korgül

Digital Innovation Manager, Yıldız Holding

Through Covid, we met the concept of working from home. During this period when the whole world was struggling with uncertainty, the increased workload caused the employees to experience difficulties in matters such as communication, communication, socialization, planning and prioritization even more. Thanks to ConectoHub, it has become much easier to manage and use time, the most valuable resource of today, and my colleagues have been able to plan their tasks, manage their processes and communicate with each other much more easily. Thus, as our team productivity increased, it became possible to easily overcome the barriers created by the chaotic work environment as well. Seeing the big picture and focusing on the detail was made simple and easy, thanks to ConectoHub.

Cihan Bozkuş

Head of Data & Insight (DataWise), Publicis Groupe

Especially during this period when we work from home, the ConectoHub business management module became an important support source for us, which increased our communication and made business follow-up more efficient. Ever since we started to use it, we can better see the direction of our work/tasks. It contributes greatly in terms of keeping track of the work/tasks field teams carry out and then sharing them among themselves. We already see that we will be a lot nimbler with the new additional module that offers a useful infrastructure for the OKR approach/system that we are in the process of adopting.

Esra Akgün

Business Excellence & Training Technical Manager, Vestel

ConectoHub turned into a very special solution to track the project performance efficiency of an organization like ours that runs many projects simultaneously, in particular. Thanks to ConectoHub, we could track the workload of each member in our team, as such our team productivity increased by 40%, and we were able to focus on and reach our monthly goals much faster.

Mert Menekşe

CEO, Co-One

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