Work&Performance Management Platform

With ConectoHub digitalize your work process, find your organization’s bottleneck and efficient stages and create more productive environment. 

Manage your work, team and their performance while working from office or home



Manage Your Projects 

Follow your projects, assign tasks to your team members, set deadlines and priorities.  With notifications see every step of your projects anywhere, anytime. 

Manage Projects and Teams Calender with Gantt Charts

Schedule your project Easily and see how tasks group together, overlap and link with each other. Set up dependencies between tasks, deliver your projects on time 

Organize your files easily

ConectoHub makes it easier to find your files.  

Monitor and manage your strategy and team's performance at the same place you work

Put objectives describe where your company’s direction.

Link your goals with daily tasks and projects. See the progress instantly

Watch progress instantly

Measure project performance regularly, keep all team members in touch with deadlines and goals  

See big picture anywhere, anytime

With automated reports and insights find your bottlenecks as well as efficient stages; hence create productive work environment. Manage your teams, organizations and work performance.  

Communicate with your team 

On single platform effectively

Manage schedule on one platform

Add Gmail and Outlook accounts to ConectoHub and make it easier to manage your schedule. Enjoy the real integration.



Outlook Calendar

Google Calendar


Get Started on iOS and Android Platforms 



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