ConectoHub vs Asana

Work more productive with the #1 Asana Alternative.

ConectoHub has more features, without the paywalls.

Table 03




Agile Team Management
Date Range on Task Due Dates Paid
Milestones Paid
Advanced Filters Paid
Multiple Assignees
Team Assignees
Dependencies Paid
Gantt View Paid
Project Workload Reports Paid
Project KPI Reports
Guest Users

ConectoHub has comprehensive premium feature set to fit all you need

Table 03




Unlimited File Storage
Project Portfolios
Dashboard Widgets
OKR System
OKR Integrated Work Management
Company-Team-User Hieararchy
Weighted Objectives and Key Results
Key Result Linked Items
Multiple Team&User Objectives

Key Points

Here is you can see how ConectoHub is better and more cost effective than Asana.

Flexible Team Structure

Unlike Asana, you can link projects and tasks to multiple teams. By this way, different teams can collaborate in the same page with ease.

Multiple Assignees

In Asana you can only one assignee for each task. This limitation may be irritiating sometimes. In ConectoHub, you are all free to one or multiple assignees for tasks. We call it flexibility!

Team Assignees

Let’s think about it, you have a team that has many members.  If you want to inform team to collaborate on a task, you have to add each people to the task. We know that’s annoying and it has nothing to do with productivity! Thanks to “Team Assignee” feature of ConectoHub, you can assign your team to notify them.

Powerful OKR System

ConectoHub OKR System provides features and more of full fledged OKR tools such as Weekdone, Koan etc. Other hand, Asana goals feature is kind of only primitive team based goal tracking.