What if Olympic Archery Mete Gazoz used OKRs for Success

Mete Gazoz nasıl başarılı oldu

Recently, we received some heart-warming news at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games. Competing in the classical bow individual category on the 8th day of the Tokyo Olympic Games, the national athlete Mete Gazoz won the gold medal by dominating Mauro Nespoli in the final! A historic success, a 22-year-old athlete brought Turkey the first gold medal in archery.

So, what kind of systematic work was behind this extraordinary success story, which came at the age of 22? The success story of national athlete Mete Gazoz, who said “I will work harder and will return with a gold medal in Tokyo in 2020” 5 years before the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and achieved this goal; It parallels the stories of companies such as Google, Intel, Spotify, LinkedIn, who set their own inspiring OKRs and acted as a team to achieve this goal.

Let’s take a closer look at the goal-oriented approach behind Mete Gazoz’s success and Mete’s OKRs:

Mete Gazoz was born on June 8, 1999 in Istanbul. He explains his introduction to this sport as follows: “Frankly, I can say that I became an archer the moment I was born because my father used to be an archer in the National Team. He is also a pretty good archer. Likewise, my mother is also involved in this sport.”

Father Metin Gazoz researched, read and consulted a lot to make his son an Olympic athlete. First of all, he sent his son Mete to swim in order to develop his back muscles because of the importance of stance and using his strength backwards in archery. Then he got him signed up for the school basketball team so that both the left and the right hand could be coordinated and their timing would be improved. Since archery is an aiming sport, he directed his son to a painting course so that he could distinguish the difference between looking and seeing..

Mete Gazoz has set his goals from the very beginning and defined the steps to be accomplished on the way to the goal. Setting goals is not only for organizations but also for each individual is one of the most important steps of success. So, “What would it be like if Mete Gazoz applied OKR?” We defined step by step for you:


Objective #1Become a Physically and Mentally Excellent Archer

KR 1Go to swimming lessons up to age 8

KR 2: Improve your coordination by learning basketball and piano for 2- years

KR 3Take a 1-year painting course to improve your eyesight and attention skills.


Mete, who went through all these pieces of training, received piano training which is said to develop both the right and left parts of the brain and provides a different combination of perception and thought. In 7th grade, Mete Gazoz became the champion of Turkey and broke many records during this period. A year later, he came second in the World Junior Championships.


Objective #2Enter the National Team at Age 14

KR 1Become #1 of Turkey

KR 2Top 3 at the World Junior Championships


After joining the national team in 2014, he managed to get a quota for the 2016 Rio Olympics as part of the European Archery Championship held in Nottingham, England and became the youngest athlete in the group. 


Objective #3Become the Youngest Turkish Athlete to Participate in the Rio 2016 Olympics

KR 1Top 3 at Wuxi World Championship 2013

KR 2Win a medal at the 2016 European Archery Championships


His father, Metin Gazoz, who became his coach after the Rio Olympics, left his place on the career management team of 5 people. Mete prepared for Tokyo 2020 with this team.

In an interview he gave 2 years ago, Mete Gazoz shared the tips of his success as follows: “We have roughly calculated the arrows I have shot in the training sessions so far. The distance I walk is equivalent to going around the world 4.5 full laps. We shoot 600 arrows a day, we shoot 6 arrows in 100 series. That’s 14 kilometers per day. “


ObjectiveWin the Gold Medal in Tokyo 2020

KR 1Work with a professional team

KR 2Train hard, shooting 600 arrows a day


Goal setting doesn’t only allow us to control the direction of our lives; it also provides a benchmark by which we can determine whether we are truly successful. However, to achieve our goals, we need to know how to set them. We cannot simply say “I want” and expect it to happen. Goal setting is a process that starts with thinking carefully about what we want to achieve and ends with working hard to actually get it done. There are some very well-defined steps for each goal in this process. Knowing these steps will allow us to formulate goals that we can achieve. The OKR methodology is also a system implemented by Google, Intel and many other successful companies that we will use to formulate our goals and the steps we need to take to achieve our goals. We also follow the OKR methodology over the goals of successful Turkish athlete Mete Gazoz; We wanted to show you how you can implement it in your organization or in your own life.

If you are new to OKRs:

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