How to Manage OKRs in Trello

Trello is a simple Kanban-based solution that helps people all around the world organize and manage their projects in a clear and straightforward way. However, when running OKRs in Trello, you might have noticed that it does not provide you … Read More

Goal Setting: The First Step to Company Growth

Why Are Setting Goals Important? Setting goals is important because your company should have a purpose. The goals you set provide you with a sense of  motivation. Before we get into how you can set successful goals for let’s break … Read More

How to Create Your Vision & Strategic Goals

Learn how to develop your company’s vision, mission,values and achieve your goals! Strategic goals are important because they give you a direction to work towards and a way to measure your progress. Without them, it would be difficult to know … Read More

OKR Guide For SaaS Companies

Learn important metrics for SaaS companies and set OKRs with them! Create alignment between teams, and grow fast!   If you’re a SaaS startup or scaleup, then you know that setting and achieving goals is essential to your success. But … Read More

Goal Management 101: OKR, KPI, BSC ve MBO

Hedef yönetim metodolojileri arasındaki farkları öğrenin ve organizasyonunuz için hangisinin en iyisi olduğunu belirleyin. 👉 Şirketlerin her geçen gün dinamik hedef yönetimi metotlarını kullanma istekleri ve merakları artıyor. Dünya’nın gittikçe karmaşıklaşması, şirketlerin Dünya’ya ayak uydurmak istemesi, gelişen teknolojiler gibi çeşitli sebeplerden dolayı … Read More

OKRs to Accelerate Growth

Accelerated Growth is a term that is often used in business, but what does it actually mean? And more importantly, how can you achieve it for your company? Accelerated Growth is a phenomenon that can be described as a sudden … Read More

Getting Things Done

Getting Things Done(GTD)- Personal productivity without stress Getting Things Done (GTD) is a productivity method that organizes projects and tasks into specific lists, which can be accessed and managed anywhere and at any time. It is a life management technique … Read More

Summary of 2022

We created lots of blogs for making the OKR and Agile process simple for you. Our users’ top choices are: OKR Guide for Startups How OKR and Agile can Work Together How to Plan Your Goals and Achieve Them?

How to Plan Your Goals and Achieve them?

New year resolutions are a great idea. They’re a promise to yourself to be a better person and achieve your goals. I’m sure you have a lot of great ideas and plans to achieve something truly amazing in a year. However, … Read More

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